You've spent your

career helping others.


It's time to help yourself.


Write a different story for the

next chapter of your life.

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Feeling burned out and trapped? I see you.

Whether you're a clinician, leader, or high-achieving professional, you...

...were already burned out, then the pandemic hit.

...realize that work has become the center of your life.

...feel lost. Work has lost its meaning. You don’t feel respected or valued.

...are overwhelmed. It seems there's never enough time...and no matter how much you give it never feels like you're doing enough for work, your partner, your kids, yourself.*

Bottom line: You don't feel feel like you have control over your life.


*and yoga and meditation alone aren't gonna fix it

BUT you have more options than you realize

  • the problem isn't you, it's the system you're working in
  • you may even have a great boss, but they're part of a big, complex machine that ultimately must prioritize profits over people in order to keep the doors open

That means

  • you can’t change the external problem (yes, things ABSOLUTELY NEED to change, but systemic change is slow and you need things to improve NOW)
  • you can’t control 'THEY'
  • you can only change you
  • you have to stop wishing 'THEY' would do the right thing...

...and take control of your own story and see the options that you DO have in your life.

You don’t have to feel stuck, bitter, and miserable until retirement at age 70.


How I help 

I'm a medical clinician (PA-C) and former hospital executive who experienced professional burnout multiple times throughout my 25+ year healthcare career.

I even became a yoga and meditation instructor to "build resilience," but that wasn't enough.

So I spent years studying neuroscience, stress management, effective leadership, and interpersonal conflict and communication to better understand why I felt so overwhelmed. 

Therapy uncovered the root of my perfectionism and tendency to overfunction in my work.

Professional coaching allowed me to redefine what success means for me in this lifetime (spoiler alert, it ain't what society told me it should be).

I put all together to develop the strategies that I now share with others in The Burnout Antidote, my signature program for recovering from burnout now and vaccinating yourself against it returning.

The Burnout Antidote approach helps clients:

  • create frameworks for better work-life integration (because striving for ‘balance’ is a surefire way to stay burned out!)
  • develop a more reasonable relationship with work (whether that means finding something different, or staying where you over half of my clients do!)
  • figure out what comes next when it’s “not this” but you have no idea where the heck to start
  • take control of your time by creating boundaries, then protecting those boundaries by better managing conflict and navigating difficult conversations 

I’m especially passionate about working with women and folx from the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.



"I have better work/life balance and more time to work on meaningful projects.

I started working with Christine when I was struggling with job-related stress and facing a milestone birthday. I decided it was time to invest in myself and work with a coach.

Christine was fantastic! She helped clarify my core values, set realistic goals, and identify what success really meant to me. Our sessions were well structured and focused.

After working with Christine for only about 3 months, I developed the confidence, clarity, and tools to make some major life changes.  

I highly recommend Christine as a coach. My experience has been life-changing and I am most grateful."

Erika Bramlette, MBA, PA-C

clinician | education leader | equity and inclusion advocate

1:1 coaching client