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How Kobe's Death Is A Gift

celebrities death fear Jan 27, 2020

Cover photo: Rolling Stone

I'd intended to write about a different topic today. But I can't stop thinking about Kobe and Gianna Bryant's untimely deaths yesterday, so I decided to explore why celebrity deaths hit us so hard and how we can use their deaths to live our own lives more fully.

Why are we so upset when a celebrity dies?

Before last night, I didn’t know much about Kobe Bryant. Sure, I knew he was a famous basketball player, but I couldn’t tell you his team, his stats, or whether he was still playing.  Yet I felt gut-punched when I read the early reports that Bryant, 41, died in a helicopter crash yesterday along with his 13-year old daughter Gianna and 7 others. Why? Was it because he was 8 years younger than me (so young)? The cruelty of his daughter perishing alongside him, just as she entered adolescence? Imagining mother and wife Vanessa reeling from her unimaginable double loss? Was it the randomness of the accident? Or the fact that fame...

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