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Your New Year’s resolutions will fail. Do this instead.

Every year, January compels us to decide we’re going to finally become the (insert virtue here-->strong and flexible, morning meditator, daily drinker of 64-ounces of water …) person we aspire to be.

But how many resolutions have you actually kept? Be honest with yourself. None? You’re in good company.

Studies indicate that 30-50% of people don’t even make it through January. And 80-90% don’t make it through one year!

Hmmmmm. So it seems like most of us are setting ourselves up for failure with traditional resolutions. 

Why do resolutions fail?

Resolutions are habit changes, and most of us choose resolutions that require a lot of willpower.

Your willpower sucks

In his fantastic book Atomic Habits, James Clear explains that willpower is essentially the ability to delay gratification. It is impacted by two factors: your environment and how rested you are. If we just assume we have the willpower to make a habit change without considering these...

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