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Gina Larrow

SVP Human Resources and Project Management

After hearing Christine speak at a conference, our company engaged her to deliver wellness content focused on handling the stress associated with life and work.  Over the course of 8 sessions our employees were exposed to the neuroscience of stress, its impact on our bodies and minds, and tools and techniques to manage the events in our world.  Following the completion of our 8-week program,  employee feedback included “extremely helpful; wish we could keep her on for the rest of the year; I looked forward to the time in each session; the best wellness investment ever”.

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Erika Bramlette, MBA, PA-C

Clinician | Education Leader | Equity and Inclusion Advocate

I started working with Christine when I was struggling with job-related stress and facing a milestone birthday. I decided it was time to invest in myself and work with a coach. Christine was fantastic! She helped clarify my core values, set realistic goals, and identify what success really meant to me. Our sessions were well structured and focused. After working with Christine for only about 3 months, I developed the confidence, clarity, and tools to make some major life changes. Now, I have a better work/life balance and more time to work on a few meaningful projects. I highly recommend Christine as a coach. My experience has been life-changing and I am most grateful. 


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Sascha Mayer

Founder/CEO at Mamava

Christine has a special gift for combining empathy, insight, and practical tools (nothing too woo woo) to help me gain clarity and grow both professionally and personally (and understand the important intersections between the two).  Working with Christine was the best investment I could make in myself because the benefits extended to the people around me as I became a better leader, parent, and partner.

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Barb Tobi

Network Manager, Epic Training and Support at University of Vermont Health Network

Christine was my leadership coach during a particularly challenging time both professionally and personally. She worked with me as a whole person helping me to discover my own path  and enabling me to work through the challenges in a way that was meaningful, personal and ultimately extremely rewarding. I appreciate her coaching style and would strongly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to expand their abilities and/or take on new challenges as a leader.

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Mary Streeter

Provider, Clinical Educator, Hospital Leader

I reached out to Christine to help me prioritize my life and gain clear direction in regards to next steps for my professional growth. Christine had experience in healthcare and a deep understanding of where I was coming from and the current climate in healthcare. Through my work with Christine, her asking me the right questions and allowing the space for reflection and getting under the top the layers of my thinking and doing mind,  I began to really enjoy patient care again, and the coaching also helped me realize that being a leader that listened and allowed others to show up fully was much more fulfilling to me and to those working with me. Leading means being present and being able to sense what is called for next. 

To anyone considering working with Christine, it is the best investment they could make for themselves. They will benefit and so will the world around them.

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Allison Lacoursiere

Practice Manager at Positive Image Dental 

Christine has the ability to see through all of the noise, fear and excuses to allow her client to dig deep when going through a challenging time or transition. If you want to make a change, feel more fulfilled in your life, career or mission - I have no doubt that Christine will be able to help anyone get there - faster and less painful than if they were to do it on their own. 

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Chris Chiusano

Senior Manager, User Experience at AthenaHealth

I was fortunate to meet Christine and knew instantly that she was a strong leader and coach with experience and background to help me succeed. I was blown away by Christine's presence, compassion and intuitive ability to listen and help me move beyond what was blocking me.  

I highly recommend working with Christine if you get the chance.

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Megan Ayers

HR Account Executive

I met with Christine for a 60 minute consultation and I could not believe how far we got in that one session. Christine's ability to ask thoughtful questions to get to the root of my needs around the direction of my career was powerful. I walked away with a clearer sense of what I need to focus on over the next few months professionally and an understanding of where Christine can continue to help me get to where I want to be. I can't recommend working with her more.

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